Lavender, Damiana and St. Johns Wort the sequel?

Alright it seems that my last post was uploaded incomplete. This is what it should have said:

I have had a great evening puttering about in the kitchen. Tonight I set in front of Cauldron and Flame or Pot and stove >wink<
It was a night of infusions. Oil infused with St. John's Wort and a Honey Cordial infused with Damiana, Lavender and Rose “witch“ I have playfully named "For the LOVE of Honey". I thought it was appropriate with it containing 3 herbs that all have love or lust inspiring energies. I made the first batch of the Cordial a few weeks ago to bring with me to BTW. I must admit that both creations were inspired by Mz. Giai incarnate Rosemari. Rose taught me how to create the Oils and I recall her telling of a special brew she gifts to the lucky and newly Handfasted as a gift for the Honeymoon. Both of these creations are gifts. The Oil will be going to a friend of mine who I met at Between the World last year and he is having a bit of trouble. He moved to Ohio and is having trouble getting his license switch over or whatever. Along with job issues and a horrible ex. He is a Massage Therapist. A job he loves and I really feel that it was his calling. I dont find it at all surprising that he has had nothing but difficulty in the new jobs that he has taken in OH. They dont fit. He found what he needs to be doing in this life time and until he gets back to it I think the Lord and Lady will do whatever they need to to get him back there. I thought that this would make an excellent gift to help him through and remind him of what a powerful Witch, Massage Therapist and Reiki Practitioner he is. The second ( Cordial) is to be shared with another friend hopefully very soon. Well not to soon because it needs to rest a bit and time to allow its Magick to meld. But soon because it has been to long.
Until we meet again may the Old Ones light your crafty Path!!!!!

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This sounds beautiful.