October Honor

I gave thanks and offered honor as I harvested two more trays of calendula for drying today. This could be the last calendula harvest of significance.

I gave thanks and offered honor as I harvested the last of the catmint for drying.
I took the milkweed pod from the Platt Hill walk and set it outdoors. I gave thanks to the spirit of the plant as I asked that a few (or several) seeds plant themselves on my little acre.  

I enjoyed a pot of a new favored tea ... sweet basil and peppermint as I gave thanks and offered honor for all that I am.


Lodestone and Ladys Mantle said...

Your pictures are exquisite!
Unfortunately, the Pooka came to my garden early this year, and I had to hustle the last of the tomatoes inside!

mrsb said...

I'm going to add calendula to our garden next year. I cant' wait! It's something I've wanted to grow for a while now.

We didn't have much luck with our cat mint this year, though we still have some dried from last year - not much, but a bit. I'll be sad to see it go.

Milkweed, however! My youth group passed out milkweed seed packets last Memorial Day parade instead of throwing candy. We all planted some at our houses, too. I had 6 really strong plants up this year! I gathered about 60% of the seeds to plant next spring, and let the rest blow away, hopefully to land in some of the few wild spots around my neighborhood.

Thanks for sharing your pictures!

Jan said...

You have a beautiful blog, When Weeds Whisper!

BTW, I've just TAGGED you and your blog! Hope you can "play". . .

Check out my most recent Blog Post for details! (Friday, Oct. 17)

Rocki said...

Simply beautiful - both photos and your words of thanks.

Ruth said...

Love the beautiful calendula photo! The orange is so brillant--fall is so beautiful.

Lodestone and Ladys Mantle said...

You have been tagged! :)