Nature's Foreplay

Here in my little corner of the world we are somewhere in the vicinity of 9 weeks before the last winter frost, and as I assimilate the meaning of this projection I tingle with anticipation. For dedicated gardeners, this is the season of Nature's foreplay - torturous and delightful.

I am blessed with a south-facing full-glass sliding-door and so I set up my shelves there and begin my seed-starting efforts. Today I started two little flats each of celery and celeriac. The seeds of both are tiny, though not the tiniest that I've worked with. To give you a sense of scale, the spoon you see here is neither serving spoon nor soup spoon, it is a tea spoon.
I make slight depressions in the center of each planting cell with a chop stick - my seed starting magic wand. In that depression I gently drop, with a blessing, about three of those celery or celeriac seeds.
I lightly shift the starter soil to barely cover the seeds and water them in with a gentle dribble. Now ... I wait. I wait not only for these sprouts to make their appearance, I wait to start planting more. I think tomorrow I'll start some leek seeds, and the day after some onion, and the day after maybe some cabbage for an early planting - though that may be pushing it. I may have to hold myself back.

A little strategic seed starting every day this early in the season helps to temper - for me - the torture and the delight that I experience as winter begins this shift to spring.


Vincent James Pia said...

It never ceases to amaze me how something so tiny can become something so big! And then I think of our own journey from "seedling" to "adult"... and, well - it amazes me even more!

"Happy Planting" to you! :-)

annie kelleher said...

i have a question. how deep do you plant the seeds? it seems to me i either plant them too deep to do any good, or so shallow their poor little stems wither and die in a few days. please help, oh glorious goddess of all that is green? :)

Ruth said...

I purchased my organic seed starting soil on my Horizon seeds ready. All the planning, setting up the seed trays, planting the seeds, watering, and then waiting...waiting until those little seedlings push up the soil. It is a beautiful sight indeed. I love it all! Thanks for sharing this Rose.

Ruth said...

Oh yes, one more thing...I do some plant blessings and give them some Reiki...every little bit helps ya know!

Walk in the Woods said...

It really is amazing isn't it, Vin?

Yay for you Ruth - as one of "the listeners" I hope you'll post some of your adventures and experiences here!

And Annie, a general guideline for most seeds is to plant them at a depth 2-3 times their (greatest) measure. So if you have a seed that measures 1/4 inch, then you would cover it with a 1/2-3/4 layer of soil. So my tiny celery and celeriac seeds were planted a scant 1/8" deep.

There are exceptions (imagine that), like some seeds that need light to germinate, so those are left exposed on top of the soil. Reputable seed companies generally offer such specs on their packaging and offer added details on their websites. Hope that helps!

Kim said...

Like Annie I drool at your green thumb - I have tried time and again to start seeds inside and something somewhere always goes hay wire.

So, off to the nursery near by for some plants started by another green thumbed friend.

That of course does not stop me from trying yet again and pouring over those seed catalogs.

Mystery Maiden said...

Your post inspired me! I picked up some seeds a while ago and I have some herb pots, and I just haven't got around to planting them yet. I'm going to get them started, and then when the weather breaks I'll be able to put them on the patio. Your info was great - I didn't even know where to start!

faerwillow said...

~we can hardly littlest keeps trying to grab watermelon seeds this past month...please mama lets do garden! we just started our sugar snap peas the other day and moonflowers! i am so thrilled that you posted this blog yesterday and look forward to learning and GROWING...brightest blessings~

Walk in the Woods said...

How wonderful! Even the kiddos get excited about planting - love it!

prashant said...

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