Avena sativa - Herb of the Month - in Northwest Connecticut

Avena sativa is a long time herbal ally of mine. She supported me through my corporate years, from the inside out and the outside in. 

She seems to be best known in her rolled form ... 

But folks recognize her in her cracked form as well. And there's her beautiful, fresh and silky form that is like an embrace - milky oats.

And there's her dried, aerial bits - oat straw. This is the aspect of Avena that hooked me some 20 years ago. I sipped her and bathed in her ... intimate practices, both. And we've learned more about each other over these many years. So ...

If you're in the region of northwest Connecticut, I invite you to join us for the kick-off of our 2015 Herb of the Month Club, kicking off Thursday evening at Walk in the Woods, LLC in Winsted.

Walk in the Woods

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martinealison said...


Je découvre avec un immense plaisir votre univers... Je suis très sensible par tout ce que vous nous faites découvrir.
Je reviendrai vous visiter avec bonheur.

❀ ✺ Gros bisous ❊ ❀