Floral Medicine

Every day now there's something to be harvested. This morning I'll survey our little acre to see what will have my attention for harvest when I return from my creative time at the studio.

Already I know there will be more comfrey leaves to harvest for drying, and red clover blossoms. Yarrow buds, blossoms 'n' leaves will call to me, and most certainly more bee balm. The calendula is just starting to bloom, so more blossoms will be added to the infused oil jar. And Mr. Spouse Boy will likely harvest more Saint Joan's wort, though we're close to our fill for the year.

Plus I'll be looking for and harvesting other buds, blooms and blossoms, as floral Medicine has been calling to me this year. I have a collection of June blossoms, and am now working on collecting July floral Medicine. I'm not sure (though I have a guess or two) how this Medicine will evolve 'n' make manifest, but I'm confident that the call is worthy, and that the voices of the botanicals will sing their song to me ~ when the chorus is ready.

Of all the lessons that the plants have taught me, one key is that we can't rule or force them in any way. Not for their growth, bounty, beauty, their utility, Medicine, stories... their gifts, whispers, songs... their mystery...

I follow their lead, as they are more wise than I - or any two-legged - shall ever be.

Peace. ðŸ•Š

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martinealison said...


C'est toujours un immense plaisir que d'ouvrir la page de votre univers et d'y faire de si belles découvertes...

Merci pour le délicieux partage.

Gros bisous 🌸