artemisa annua

one of my favorite herbs, artemisa annua, is springing up all around my house. last year i mananged a bumper crop that grew to over six feet high, a patch of heavenly hedge that threatened to overtake the rhodendroms.

get rid of it, proclaimed Beloved, and so this spring, i did, assidiously plucking out all the errant seedlings of this years' crop. but artemisa annua is not only the herb that summons friendly spirits, it's tenacious and persistent as well.

i see it springing up all over, in the corners and the cracks, its foliage feathery and fragant, with a vaguely lemon-apple scent. it is just a common weed, the botanical directories tell me, orginating in europe and asia, but how fitting for a plant that feels like a familiar.

how could it not? artemisa annua by any other name is called sweet annie.


Rabbi Lars Shalom said...

hi there!!

Walk in the Woods said...

I love sweet annie! I figure it is due to take root somewhere on my little acre soon. I love taking a small hand full of the dried stuff and putting it in my vacuum bag . . . the fragrance makes the "chore" a divine endeavor. :)