Friday, July 11, 2008

the view from the Far Side

the second harvest of chamomile has yielded a whole tin of tea, and, inspired by Beloved and his efforts, i have managed to garner enough dried lavendar for at least two pots. the lavendar bushes seem inclined to (agreeably) make more. i've also begun to harvest and dry the white sage.

the bee-balm, yarrow and echinacea are all blooming in glorious shades from garnet to pale pink, and rose's rhubarb seems to be adapting to its new spot. her chinese leeks are threatening to overtake the chives. the black-leaved basil, varigated sage, rosemary and pineapple peppermint are all happy in their pots. the oregano and thyme are rioting. the new marjoram i put in to replace the old stuff seems to be doing well, too- its blossoming tiny little flowers. when the sun is hot in the afternoons, the scent of all the kitchen herbs fills my bedroom.

the betony and anise i got a few years ago are both thriving - one of them - i think its hte betony - is making big purple heads the bumblebees love. the motherwort doesn't look so well, but she's hanging in there - bless her. i hope next year is better for her. the mugwort and sweet annie are fighting it out with the fiddlehead ferns for space along the edges.

predictably, my red geraniums are bursting, and the dill died.


livewater said...

Sounds delightful!

Walk in the Woods said...

Sounds a lot like summer! My dill isn't doing well this season either. ::shrugs::

Ruth said...

My potted oregano and french tarragon are also entangled--the oregano is winning. I love herbs!

annie kelleher said...

dill never grows well for true witches, it's said... sure sign of one ;)

Chris Stone said...

hanging herbs in the kitchen... sounds wonderful! next year i'll garden more!