Bud Walk

     It's that time of year when the snow is freshly melted, the lawn is still brown, the buds are coming alive, the spring flowers are in bloom and my gardening crocs take their place by my back door for the season.
     The plants in my yard bring me joy in so many ways. The first spring blooms bring color to my world and joy to my heart.  They beckon me to wander the yard looking for new growth, to tend to their care and anticipate all the possibilities of the coming months.  Many of my plants come from friends and family.  Each has their own story and upon that I layer mine. The plants and I are woven together in proximity, in story and in partnership caring one for the other.
     My favorite flowers are the spring bulbs - tulips, daffodils, crocus and the like.  They are first to break through the snow after a long winter and bring happy brilliance.
From my mother's garden

Daffodils - lemon drop, Tahiti and more from my girlfriend more than 18 years ago

Lenten Rose from my Auntie's garden

     Then the herb garden starts to awaken.  The chives are first.  From a small clump planted when I first moved in 18 summers ago I now have several large clumps and have passed on several.  The garlic chives with their flat stalks are a gift from my herbal teacher and friend.  The mint peaks through and if untamed would take over.  I traded some years ago for a bread machine.  The Baptisia I dug from  a house that was donated to the fire department for training. I was told it didn't like to be transplanted almost two decades later and it still thrives. The sage and parsley I bought and am thrilled are back.  The Autumn Olive is a gift from the birds who frequent the yard.  In the coming weeks violet, nettles, wood sorrel and dandelion will make their appearance. They will be followed by poke and red clover.  So each day I make my bud walk around the yard and in the wood line looking for my friends that slumbered for the winter.

Garlic Chives


Autumn Olive

Baptisia australis

Mullein or  Verbascum thapsus

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rose of Walk in the Woods, LLC said...

Wonderful bud walk! I'm dazzled at how much "further along" your greenings seems to be ~ from mine, that is. enJOY it all!