Recognizing our Early Spring "Weeds"

With only five (or so) weeks before the last anticipated frost, things are accelerating around my little acre, in the gardens, greenhouse, and indoor seed starting shelves, and then some, so time is at a premium. So join me for a quick stroll to identify a few of the rooted friends that are waking after their winter slumber...

Vinca minor, commonly called periwinkle is urging the last of the south-facing snow to melt.

Allaria petiolata, known as garlic mustard... an invasive in my region, but one I've learned to leverage for the food she offers.

Allium canadensis, one of the ubiquitous  wild onions known meadow onion, lawn onion foo, one of our many "lawn" foods that are demonized, poisoned and ~ sadly ~ wasted.

 Allium proliferum, also known as egyptian onion and walking onion (nibbled by the cooks) is a delicious wonder that lives up to her name!

Fragaria spp., a wild strawberry. A plant that makes herself comfortable in my meadow-lawn and in my garden beds.

 Leonurus cardiaca, charming motherwort, a longtime ally of mine that has made herself comfortable in my core vegetable garden.

 Monotropa uniflora, called... monotropa. Imagine that. This is what I call her vernal skeletal remains. We wait now to see where she'll pop up in her growing cycle. She's a mover.

Pulmonaria officinalis, the charming lungwort. She's struggling a bit this year, with all the melting snow making for some soggy soil. But she's a tough little one and I look forward to her blooms.

Stellaria media, the common, smooth chickweed. I hope my chooks leaves me some to harvest for food and Medicine!

Symphytum uplandicum, gorgeous comfrey (though you wouldn't know it now). She's as much an ally to gardens and compost as she is to me.

And we end our weed walk with a long view of my little meadow ... or, the front yard "lawn." Oh, what my neighbors must think!

Now go take a stroll outdoors ~ in your yard, in a park, along a sidewalk ~ and notice the food and Medicine growing around you! EnJOY.


Walk in the Woods


Tammie Lee said...

i so enjoyed seeing your spring plants rising to meet the sun and you.

i have been noticing ours as well. just the tiny beginnings of green rising through the soil that still freezes most nights.

Carol said...

I'm truly enjoying the Spring Awakening this year more than I ever remember. Maybe because I'm starting a new life stage as semi-retired and actually have more time to breath in and enjoy ♥

martinealison said...


Peu à peu la nature reprend vie et nous délivre ses secrets...

Belles photos.

❀ ✺ Gros bisous ✺ ❀

rose of Walk in the Woods, LLC said...

Tammie ~ I enjoy ~ so much ~ watching your landscape evolve and appreciate you sharing that with us over at Spirithelpers!

Oh Carole ~ Yay for you ~ more time for the outdoors *and* creating!

And merci, Martine, for your sweet words. :)

Kim Elovirta said...

I have started my bud walks as I call them. The first crocus bloomed yesterday. Other items are peaking through - I must remember to bring my camera the next walk through. Thanks for sharing.

rose of Walk in the Woods, LLC said...

Oh, Kim ~ you have a bloom! I have bloom envy. :) Won't be long, though! Enjoy your bud walks!

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Gorgeous! Thank you for sharing Rose!

GlorV1 said...

Wonderful photos of life. I like the botanical names. Thank you for the intro of new plants. Enjoy.

Aga Gasiniak said...

Beautiful and inspiring blog! Thank you for sharing