Arnica montana

Early this spring I tried starting Arnica seeds with no luck. ::shurgs:: I'll try again, no doubt. Yet I mentioned this as part of a response I made on Henriette's eList and was contacted by a fellow blogger and (as it turns out) a kindred spirit who sent me Arnica plants straight from Montana. How freakin' cool is that???

Well, I'm glad the weather has been drizzly, for I think this has helped these little plants along. Here's what they looked like the day I got them in the ground:

As you can see, some of the little plantlings traveled better than others. Yesterday, when I checked in with them they all seemed a bit stressed. Today however, they've all perked up a bit. All of them! In any event, these little plants, sent to me by Tammie Lee are very special somehow, and I will tend them well. 

The very thought of making my very own infused oil of arnica is quite thrilling! I dented my shin this week (really - it was dented) and not a bruise, thanks to oil of arnica (and SJW too)! 


Tammie Lee said...

Ahhhh, because of your give away I wandered over to this blog. So fun for me to see the little plants in their new home. Sweet of you to link to my blog.

Walk in the Woods said...