Yellow Shamrock

To my pleasant surprise I discovered another beautiful plant near my garden--one that goes unnoticed because it is usually hidden in other grasses and plants. I had to do a little research and surfed the web to identify the pretty plant known as Trifolium dubium or by the common name "Least Hop Clover" or "Yellow Shamrock." Here is a nice poem dedicated to this plant by Katharine Bates:

"Our wee, gold-dusty flower, the yellow clover,
Which once in Parting for a time
That then seemed long,
Ere time for you was over."
I asked myself what can this be used for, and only found one website that stated "
A poultice of the chopped plant has been applied to cuts to stop the bleeding." Has anyone had any experience or used this plant for healing purposes?


Walk in the Woods said...

Oh, the lovely, how they humble.

I know this little plant, for I see it growing here and there. But I've yet paused to nurture any intimacy yet (too many others in the queue waving at me for attention).

But - THANK YOU - for now I know this sweet weed a bit more than I did a mere moment ago. :)

annie kelleher said...

i think this is the plant i've allowed to grow along the border of the stone wall beside my driveway....i thought it was just another kind of buttercup but when i went out and looked at the leaves, i see they look like your pictures... thanks so much for sharing this!

Ryan said...

Yesterday while out playing I found Hop Clovers..only a few. Trifolium aureum. What a pretty yellow flower they have.

Walk in the Woods said...

I too recetly spotted some along a magical place where forest meets meadow.