Chickweed and Pumpkins

I was excited last night as I watched Iron Chef America and saw Mario Batali make a chickweed salad. Yummy! I yelled to my hubby, "See, see that is why I let it grow!" Ah, but it is not as robust as the pumpkins that decided to grace us this year. Last year we put in a new deck. As the pumpkins we picked from a friends garden started to soften I set them in front of the deck. I thought they would add some nice compost to the area I needed to plant come spring. Come spring hubby tilled the soil and a few days later we noticed a few plants. They seem to grow six inches or more a day and we have quite the patch. If we have as many pumpkins as plants we may have to open a stand. I am in awe each day as I check on their progress.


Walk in the Woods said...

Aren't pumpkins fun?

They are willful and so generous when their will is honored and respected!

Anonymous said...

I love chickweed. Yummo.

My squash plants are doing the same thing. Nothing one day and then 3 inch leaves 8 hours later. It's wild.

Rosebud Collection said...

Not sure what chickweed looks like..will have to look it up.I am sure it grows in this yard..kind of tells you how we just mow the lawn and away we go..

Walk in the Woods said...

Chickweed grows almost everywhere!
Though it's a contrary plant and is fading now.

Katie said...

Chickweed grows here in early Spring.
We have a volunteer pumpkin vine growing across the top of our compost pile....the biggest and healthiest pumpkin plant that I've ever grown. Makes it hard to get compost though~