Virtual Weed Walk

After watching a video interview with Susan Weed I stumbled on to and found this cool Virtual weed walk. It is a mini quiz. It give you a written hint and photo and then when you hit the red clover at the bottom it tells you the answer and the next set. I thought it was fun. I got all but the last one. It has a couple of free ecourses as well that I am checking out also.

I would also recommend checking out the interview I mentioned. That is at .

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Walk in the Woods said...

Cool virtual weedwalk!

I would add that the Comfrey that they ID as Symphytum officinale is probably Symphytum uplandicum. This is a verrrrry common mislabeling.

S. officinale is the European comfrey, which grows more gently--meaning lower and without enthusiastic seed propogation. I can say that I have only sen THIS plant once in a display garden at a historical museum.

S. uplandicum, or Russian comfrey is the plant we mostly see here in North America. It grows much taller than its European cousin and will spread itself like crazy if left to its own devises!

While the two are used in the same way, they are two unique plants.

And both carry the liver toxic PAs in the roots.

THANKS for sharing!

I LOVED the board game too!

Rowan said...

The board game does look cute. Did you watch the video? His sons name is Rowan. What a good choice >wink<

Walk in the Woods said...

Sure did.
Sure is! I even made a comment to Rick about the name. ;)