HerbFest was grand. Just this morning I shared with a friend (that I have yet to meet) that I've been going to this festival for so many years now that it is like a sweet family reunion. I so enjoyed the day . . . drumming with community, taking and facilitating weedwalks, browsing the vendors, meeting new people and little sprouts, making new friends and relaxing in the shade with old ones, being entertained by the fabulous sounds of Echo Uganda, eating yummy food, offering a glimpse into one facet of Plant Spirit and much more.

Every year I purchase at least two special Green gifts for my little acre. This year, as I drove to Coventry, I discovered I'd forgotten to put on my earrings. If that's not a sign from Spirit, I don't know what is! So, I bought some lovely citrine earrings, set in silver, as well as three special Green gifts (plus one other gifted gift). 

Can you name them?

Starting at the upper left and moving clockwise, they are:
  • Rudbeckia “Henry Eilers”
  • Asarum canadense – Wild Ginger
  • Nicotiana “Only the Lonely"
  • Caulophyllum thalictroides – Blue Cohosh

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