Imbibing Green

If you've been following my blog, What I Made Today, then you already know that I've been fermenting in a sea of ... well ... fermenting herbal brews! This image pretty much captures the state of my little kitchen, as I scurry into my little acre between raindrops, for fresh pickings to experiment with! I have to say, it is GREAT fun!

This past week I've bottled a gallon each of Melissa Ale, Cardamom Ale and have batches going of Melissa Mead, Rose Petal Mead, "Emergency" Mead, Chamomile Ale, Green (tea) (solstice) Rain Ale, Sarsaparilla Ale and Sage Ale. Little gallon batches each!

Next up is Ground Ivy Ale, Bee Balm Petal Ale ... and then ... the fruit meads!

And if this strikes your fancy, be sure to join me In the Garden today (and every Thursday) at 11:30 AM, eastern at Blockhead Radio! I'll be brewing up more green, fermenting talk!