Leeks & Celery

I harvested these lovelies today in the October sunshine and made a vegetable stock with the upper leek leaves and the outer celery stalks. I then made an amazing soup with roasted leeks, potatoes and a garden acorn squash ... some carrots too, not to mention the delicious wisdom of fresh sage. I adapted this "recipe," using what I had on hand. It was a perfect meal to close this perfect autumn day.


I harvested, blessed and bathed the lovely garden roots.
I peeled their skins.
I chopped the roots and placed them lovingly in my very, very old food processor.
I gave them a whirl, added some infused viola apple cider vinegar and sea salt and gave them a few more whirls.

I packed it in a jar and placed it in the refrigerator and there it will please me for months to come!

What I've been up to lately....

What I've been up to lately....
Made some tinctures with my new labels...aaahh feels good to get things organized again!

Harvested a few more flowers and herbs...

To my surprise there is still more brilliant colors in the garden...

Green Blessings my herbal friends!
Ruth :D