My Ides

Today, a walk around my little acre yielded these friends. Nothing foreboding about these meetings. 
Daffodil - just peeking ... so delicate and powerful.

Smooth chickweed - Stellaria media.

Mouse-eared chickweed - Stellaria ... I'll be back with that one!

Plantain - this one, Plantago lanceolata.

Nettle - Urtica dioica.

Cleavers - Galium arpine.

Dandelion - Taraxicum officinalis in the vegetable garden!

Russian kale in the vegetable garden.

Arugula in the vegetable garden.

Sweet Cicely  in the vegetable garden.


Chinese leeks, AKA Garlic chives in the vegetable garden.

Chives in the vegetable garden.

Second year onions in the vegetable garden.

Garlic in the vegetable garden.

Temp Rises and Heart Soars

We got our first real taste of Springs arrival today. Temps were in the 60s and it took everything in my power to go to work. I can feel the Earth stir. I can smell the dark rich soil under the light blanket of snow....if I stop and listen I can hear the trees rejoice and the seeds start to vibrate in there winter beds, ready to burst forth and climb there way to the light. Everything around me sings the song of Spring and my soul wants to dance with the rhythm. Can you hear our Mother's call...would you join me in the dance?


Two nights ago we were talking at the dinner table and somehow it was mentioned that the tea from the beautiful evergreens in our yard made a great tea full of vitamin C. My son asked if he picked some would I make him a cup to try. So after dinner out he trudged in the snow to pick hemlock greens. Everyone enjoyed a sip of tea.
Last night he asked if tonight I could make some white pine tea. Sure. Now, the girls were excited and all three children ran out in the snow for the greens. I made sure that they knew they had to thank the tree for its gift. This time collecting more they all enjoyed a cup.