Cacoa Chai Ashwagandha Balls

It’s chilly 'n' snowing and so it seems to be a good day for a small batch of warming Cacoa Chai Ashwagandha Balls. ::nods:: They're so Good, and so Good for ya. 

The recipe's not hard 'n' fast, so mix 'n' match your ingredients as your inspiration (and what you have on hand) guides you!

Cacoa Chai Ashwagandha Balls

cups nut butter or tahini
¼ cup syrup (maple, fruit,
herbal or honey)
½ t. vanilla extract
3 T. cacao*
3 T. ashwagandha powder
1 t. cardamom powder
1 t. cinnamon powder
1 t. ginger powder
1 t. grated nutmeg

Mix together the nut butter, syrup and vanilla. Blend in the powdered herbs (the contents of this kit), mix really well.

Roll into 1-inch balls (you many want to chill the “dough” a bit before rolling), dust in powdered cacao (or coconut, or hemp seeds, or anything of your choice).

These will keep in the refrigerator several weeks, if they last that long… enJOY!