An Autumn Cordial

Yesterday I strained and decanted the apple-cardamom cordial that I started in autumn when I was blessed to pick all those wonderful organic apples with a new and wonderful friend. The chopped apples and cardamom seeds have been macerating in brandy since October and the fragrance is truly divine.

Generally it is at this stage of cordial-making that I will add sugar in one form or another. Yet at first taste of this elixir I knew that the apples had already added the perfect balance of sweetness.

So into the cork-bottles it goes, to be labeled and shelved for a several more months where all the constituents may mingle in free-flow, get to know one another intimately, and mellow out to become a most delightful autumn beverage. Or summer. Or whatever.


PS Hey you whisperers - you know who you are (see the list over there on the upper-right ~~~>) ... what green blessings are you witnessing and experiencing these day? Hmmmmm?