Phytolacca americana

Commonly called Poke 'round these parts, this plant is BIG medicine. The berries and the root. I hope you can see the root communicating this fact in this photo.

If you still have any doubt about what BIG medicine this plant holds, or the respect that it deserves, go harvest a root.

October Honor

I gave thanks and offered honor as I harvested two more trays of calendula for drying today. This could be the last calendula harvest of significance.

I gave thanks and offered honor as I harvested the last of the catmint for drying.
I took the milkweed pod from the Platt Hill walk and set it outdoors. I gave thanks to the spirit of the plant as I asked that a few (or several) seeds plant themselves on my little acre.  

I enjoyed a pot of a new favored tea ... sweet basil and peppermint as I gave thanks and offered honor for all that I am.

Platt Hill Weed Walk

I found Crataegus spp. dropping leaves and offering up ripe berries. You might know it as hawthorne. 
I found the fading plants and changing leaves of Hamamelis virginiana, commonly called witch hazel. 
I found an Asclepias spp. seed pod, the common milkweed 'round these parts and was reminded of harvesting the young stems in spring to simmer like asparagus. 
I found two species of oak growing side by side.

I found beautiful sugar maples in the midst of their drama.

I found beauty and bounty and recall and dreams.