Platt Hill Weed Walk

I found Crataegus spp. dropping leaves and offering up ripe berries. You might know it as hawthorne. 
I found the fading plants and changing leaves of Hamamelis virginiana, commonly called witch hazel. 
I found an Asclepias spp. seed pod, the common milkweed 'round these parts and was reminded of harvesting the young stems in spring to simmer like asparagus. 
I found two species of oak growing side by side.

I found beautiful sugar maples in the midst of their drama.

I found beauty and bounty and recall and dreams.


Rocki Adams said...

I've missed visiting - been too busy.

These are absolutely breathtaking - what a lovely way to end my work day.

Alison Purple said...

beautiful pictures!

Moonchild Dancing! said...

Oh wow. These are beautiful pictures. I've been craving a walk in the woods lately. I better go. :)

Lucas said...

I love tree leaves. Two years ago I did a herbarium. I've got some Platanus leaves, oak, maple, Podocarpus, pine trees, mango, ....and others.
I'd never think that those flowers were Aloe. I have one in my house, but the flower is different.
These leaves are wonderful. I loved them.

rose of Walk in the Woods - she/her said...

Thanks everyone! I enjoyed the walk, collecting the leaves that seemed to jump out at me, and placing them on my drawing blotter to make these photos.

Nature is so inspiring for me!

Ruth said...

Love your colorful photos. I just replanted my 4-year-old Washington hawthorne tree in a more sunny location. Hoping she will flower for the first time in the next year or two. I'm certainly enjoying the beautiful colors of autumn right now--my favorite season!

rose of Walk in the Woods - she/her said...

That's wonderful Ruth! Don't be disappointed if she doesn't start blooming right away - out green friends tend to take their time rooting in a new home (esp. after travel) before invested energy on offspring.

The rooted ones - many of them - know well that they must first care for themselves ...