Urtica dioica radix - Nettles Root

It's autumn in my little corner of the world and that means it's root-digging season. With this help of friend Sheena I was able to, among other things, start a jar of Urtica dioica radix (Nettle root) tincture.

I've not yet worked with this root, so I'm not in a space where I can share much about my experience with it, short of digging the roots. It didn't take long to get to know this part of the plant. I have an intimate and loving relationship with the aerial part of the plant, but the roots are new to me and I'm already glad that we've met.

Once the lovely, pale roots were cleaned, I quickly learned that chopping them up was best left to the kitchen sheers. Clearly, this is one tough cookie.

My reason for wanting to play with this medicinal rests in its affinity for men's health, specifically to prostate health. I love the men in my life, and if the aerial parts of this plant offer any clue to the actions of the rooted parts, I suspect they will love the men in my life also.

~ rose