Temp Rises and Heart Soars

We got our first real taste of Springs arrival today. Temps were in the 60s and it took everything in my power to go to work. I can feel the Earth stir. I can smell the dark rich soil under the light blanket of snow....if I stop and listen I can hear the trees rejoice and the seeds start to vibrate in there winter beds, ready to burst forth and climb there way to the light. Everything around me sings the song of Spring and my soul wants to dance with the rhythm. Can you hear our Mother's call...would you join me in the dance?


EB said...

It's funny - I must be thousands of miles away, but today is the first day I can really feel it too, so Yes! We have strong sun and gusty wind, with rain most days too, and any time spent inside feel a great frustration, especially in the morning. The dandelions are growing like mad and I'm thinking of putting some in a salad.

rose of Walk in the Woods, LLC said...

Oh I join you ... and I dance!

Yesterday we brewed a second pot of coffee and sat on the deck to sip in the rising energy from our cups, from the sun, from the earth ... it was an amazing day!

Kim said...

I'm dancing, I'm dancing - yeah!!!

Laura Rose said...

yes, yes, dancing yes!!

Kathy said...

Saturday was close to a perfect day. The temps were in the high
70s here. We went to an oyster roast, and when the eating was done, the guitars and fiddle came out and we danced and sang. It must have just been that kind of day.

Karri said...

Still waiting for warmer days here in Missouri. They say we are supposed to get into the 60's today. I'm ready for things to green up...this is the most frustrating winter I'v had in a while...I'm needing to get my hands in the dirt! I can only do so much propogating indoors!

Coffee on the porch...can't wait for that either! And cranking up the BBQ!!!!!