The Wisdom of Garlic

It's a season of mixed emotions. For me anyway. Not sure how the other Listeners feel. Anyway, the leek seedlings are thriving and the celery and celeriac are sprouting nicely. That's wonderful. Even so, I'm down to my last heads of garden garlic. That's sad. I have a dozen or two left from last season. And that's good. But my point is - every March I am amused and tickled at how the garlic knows - deep in its heart - that the days are lengthening and that spring is coming. They begin to green and some start sprouting.

Every March I pick through my heads of garlic to sort those that are swelling in anticipation from those still hanging in, so that I can use them before they really begin to sprout. So today I made a batch of Mojo de Ajo and as it roasted my kitchen - heck, the whole hut - smelled of divine allium.

There be some garlic infused vinegar in my future too!


Healing Woman said...

Loved this post and plan to make the mojo next week!

Thankyou again


rose of Walk in the Woods, LLC said...

Enjoy it Cheryl! This stuff is amazing and is used in many, many "south-of-the-border" recipes. Yum!

prashant said...

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Kim said...

Yum - I just LOVE garlic.