Hypericum perforatum - A Cool, Fiery Wench and Beloved Green Ally

Today I enjoy a beautiful February snow. The spouse had to be at his place of employment for 5am. I remember his kiss and his "I love you," half awake and half in restful mystery.

I woke to some reading, and the enjoyment of sipping a brew of Coffea arabica, until it was time to unlock the chooks, bring them their food and water, feed the dog and take her out for her morning constitution. While I was bundled and out, I figured I'd start some shoveling. A path to the chokes, the deck and the driveway. I returned indoors - before finished with this round - for three reasons: 
  1. A plow showed up to tend to a neighbor's drive and the smell of spent diesel destroyed my peace, magic and moment in Nature.
  2. I needed to break my fast.
  3. Saint Joan slammed a door.
So escaped the fumes, had bite and fixed a wee glass of water splashed with a teaspoon 'r so of tincture of Hypericum perforatum to sip on throughout the morning - before heading back out to shovel, and after. I even dribbled a bit down my spine.

Hypericum perforatum, or Saint Joan's wort (as she's known in the Wise Woman Tradition of herbalism), is a botanical you might know as Saint John's wort. 

In my early morning shoveling, she entered my consciousness, slamming the the door on her way in, so as not to be missed. No whispers, no song, no shouts. For a fiery wench, she's as cool as cool can be. 

You see, she is a steadfast ally to me and the flames that sometimes flare in this evolving body of mine. I have a touch confirmed arthritis in my right hip, and certain activities inspire it to excitement, which tends to be less than pleasant for me. But the activity is Good for my body. All of it. Even my hip. So tiny doses of Saint Joan before such activity (and after) keeps these flares from flaming too high. And in my spontaneous act to start shoveling, I forgot this. 

I'm grateful for my relationship with this Rooted Ancestor, for she is beloved and a Medicine of many talents - more than this one that I mention here. And I'm grateful that she slammed the door. 



Unknown said...

I just love hearing all the ways our herbal allies can be used.

Tammie Lee said...

yes sometimes we need more than a whisper to make sure we act on things. thank you for sharing how this entity is your friend. wishing you comfort.