Vernal Emergings

We - meaning Mr. Spouse Boy, along with the dog, the chickens, and wildlife with whom we're blessed to share space - are making time, as we do every turn of the wheel, to wander and awaken with wonder. And this spring's awakenings are especially welcomed, despite the lackluster winter, and because of our shared COVID-19 challenges. Not to mention personal challenges that we all have to work through. Right? And so, because of and despite of, we gather the Medicine of the rooted life emerging around us...
 Yarrow: Even deep wounds can heal.

 Vinca and Schizandra: The heart must reach as it chooses.

 Trillium: Sacred patience for the long haul.

 Heal All: Make Medicine in the world.

 Tusilago: Fuck the fear and breathe easy.

 Butterbur: What Tusilago said.

 Saint Joan's wort: Chill.

Wild salad pickin's: EnJOY what you've got. Share what you can.

Peace. 🕊

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